Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Discount for Disney World Resort

So when I was trying to plan a vacation to Walt Disney World I kept hitting the same road block.... shuttle service from airport to hotel. No other hotel except the WDW resorts offered complimentary shuttle service and the airport was not close. I figured it would cost about $100 round trip for the 2 adults and baby. This was very irritating because the hotels near WDW were very cheap but I was considering staying at WDW instead. The shuttle they offer is free for guests staying at any of their resorts and has the perk of picking up your luggage and delivering it to the hotel. What I finally came up with was the cheapest and easiest plan for our family would be book 1 night at WDW at the beginning of the trip and another separate stay for the last night. That way we could use there shuttle service and the perks of staying there but then stay somewhere cheaper the rest of the nights.  Now on to my next problem.....there are no discounts to WDW Resorts. No one can offer it to you cheaper than just booking through Disney. I found this to be a challenge as I will rarely EVER pay a regular published nightly rate. So after a lot of reasearch and digging I found the only solution. Book through an internet sight like Expedia or Travelocity and use a promo code that allows a discount off any hotel stay. Currently in California there is one on Expedia and I believe for 10% off a hotel booking. I am not sure if this works everywhere but I did a google search for "promo codes" and I found a few websites with different codes for 5-10% off hotels. This is honestly as good as it will get for a WDW Resort. Even booking through another site you will still get the shuttle service and other perks. Hope this helps! Have a great vacation!

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